220 Park Road, Burlingame

Historic Post Office Relocation & Preservation

San Mateo Daily Journal 

March 3, 2022 featured article by Corey Browning

Garden City’s unique relocation expertise saves Burlingame Post Office from demolition.

How do you move a 2-million pound post office?
Historic Burlingame post office relocated to accommodate construction If you’ve been by 220 Park Road in downtown Burlingame recently you may have noticed the historic post office, a concrete Spanish eclectic-style structure built in 1941, isn’t where it used to be. But it hasn’t gone far — just about 120 feet north…..

Engineering News-Record

March 3, 2022 featured article by Greg Aragon 

Historic Post Office Temporarily Relocated for New Mixed-Use Project  

Contractors in Burlingame, Calif., are wrapping up a tricky maneuver to move an historic 1940s post office approximately 120 ft from its current location to make room for the construction of an underground parking structure directly beneath the building’s footprint. Leading the relocation project is San Jose-based Garden City Construction, a company specializing in rejuvenating and rehabilitating historic properties….

Building Design + Construction 

March 3, 2022 featured article by Novid Parsi 

Move, lift, restore: Repurposing a former post office near San Francisco

In mid-February, a construction crew began lifting a 1940s post office building located in Burlingame, Calif., on the San Francisco Peninsula. The crew moved the 1,010-ton structure about 120 feet away so that a new underground parking garage can be built directly beneath the post office’s historic site, while a new office and retail development….

Garden City Construction