We must be dedicated to take pride in our workmanship and ensure that our customers’ priorities become our priorities.

Our personal satisfaction should be derived by being a first class, grade “A” Construction Company capable of unequaled craftsmanship and performance.

Our top priority is to meet the expectations of the Customer by exceeding the Standards of the Company. To have continued success, we must develop long term relationships with our Customers by understanding their objectives and performing to meet them.

It is the responsibility of the Company to provide the training to qualified individuals to enable them to enhance their careers and encourage them to be able to grow within the Company and within themselves.

Each member of this team must contribute to the success of the Company by achieving professional growth, personal advancement, and reap the rewards that come with enjoying the experience of working for this Organization.

It is the responsibility of each team member to actively ensure that our business has a positive effect on Ourselves, the Customers, in the Communities, and on our Colleagues, by the work we perform and the image that we portray.


The challenge is to be the very best personally and professionally by constantly striving for perfection.

Garden City Construction, Inc. Performance Standards

  • Our Work Is Profitable Without Sacrificing Quality and Honesty
  • Our Work Is Scheduled Properly
  • Our Work is Clean, Neat, Safe and Organized
  • Our Work is Craftsman-like, and Exceeds Average Standards
  • A Professional Demeanor is Maintained at All Times
  • A Positive Attitude Is Maintained in the Face of Adversity
  • We have Treated Our Customers and Fellow Employees Fairly, With Respect, and Recognize How Each Individual Contributes to Our Success